• Weave like a spider. act like a bee

    Understand the System. Engage the Network. Embrace Complexity

  • Our vision

    Our immediate social connections build the network where we move, and define the ecosystem we choose to maintain.

    We believe that is by acting on this network that the eternal process of change is best catalysed.

    We are stewards for that Change, responding and adapting to the Complex Challenges of current Human Systems.

    Systems Thinking and Practice

    Understand the deeper structures of the problems...

    We apply Systems Thinking throughout our process of understanding the dynamics of the problems we are tackling

    Complexity and Network Science

    ...and work with natural laws of change and scalability...

    State of the art modern science and technology help us connect to the natural processes of change and scalability to "nudge" the system into balance.

    Leadership and Facilitation

    ...and holistically engage the actual fabric of Change!

    Our skilled facilitators team work directly with the agents to co-sense the deep roots of the problems and support Change by prototyping new patterns of behaviour and action.